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Solutions for VR and AR learning: 3DBear

To create 3D Modles: Matterport camera

Meta Quest VR-glasses

Virtual Reality GLUE: Glue is a collaboration platform for teams who need remote meetings to be as great as face-to-face meetings  

Some tips on how to take 360-photos or video

For inspiration: VR, AR

Ricoh Theta SC2 For Business Beige (910812) |

Insta360 ONE X2 (CINOSXX/A) |

Casting what you see in VR to a TV or laptop screen

We have often used the casting feature of the Oculus headsets for the project. This feature allows you to stream what you see in VR from your Oculus Quest 2 headset to another device such as a TV, PC or phone. You might want to use casting when you want to share your VR experience with others or when you want to view your VR experience on a larger screen. It’s also an indispensable feature to guide new users through their first steps in a VR environment. 

This video demonstrates how to activate the casting feature on the Oculus: