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News from the real world regarding the virtual world!

    We have promised to work on mainstreaming VR, and so we will! It will be a small, but hopefully significant contribution: an international VR-workshop organized by Keuda, the lead partner.

    The workshop takes place at the beginning of February 2023 in Finland. It is targeted to beginners who did not work with virtual reality before! Our aim: that participants understand the technical requirements, main functionalities and possibilities and are able to take into use Microsoft Altspace -environment and VR-glasses (Oculus Quest). Deadline for registrations is at the beginnin of Jannuary 2023.

    To see the program and register: click here

    The project did get a prolongation, and we do continue our work until the end of February 2023. Piloting goes on during this fall, and we are also busy working on recommendations that will be geared towards not only teachers, but also to IT-support as well as to management.

    Your’s truly,

    Katriina Lammi

    P.S. Check out the this Thinlink by clicking here!

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